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    [AD] Soldier Mu Online Season 6 Episode 3 Experience: 120x Demo Server Opened.



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    [AD] Soldier Mu Online Season 6 Episode 3 Experience: 120x Demo Server Opened.

    Post  zigisble on Tue Mar 05, 2013 6:54 pm

    [CENTER]Soldier Mu Online Season 6 Episode 3 + Season 7

    Welcome to Soldier MU Online ,we are back with new mu online server,wich is based on premium mu online server files, there is aviable complete different feeling opposite to other servers. Game with Astonishing Entertainment. Soldier mu online is with well-considered gameplay and made to deliver best quality and stability.

    Soldier mu online is opening at 30th march 14:00(GMT+2). Till opening we will work hard on server, to make one of the best low rate mu online server. We wont tell you that our mu online server is best or there is no bugs, but we will give you an chance to see that by yourself. Trust us, soldier mu online TM is the best and always will be, and we are going to proof that to you, with our unique mu online server, wich is made by developers with more than 6 year experience. No wipes, long term mu online server.

    Mu Online Client Features

    Our mu online client supports 3D Camera,Fog,New Glow effects and SkyBox, you may edit thees features in client folder.
    Aviable Launcher+Autoupdate wich allows us to update client easly, and gives better prottection agains cheaters.

    Mu Online Gameplay Information

    Soldier mu online is made for people who likes original features, no costumes etc. Working all latest events, like Dopple Ganger, Imperial Guardian, original rewards and bosses. In Chaos Castle,Blood Castle and Devil Square, you recieve 1 bonus level up point, different rewards in default events.

    To make gameplay more unique, we decided to make some secret gates/spots, where leveling will be much easier. There is no spots like in ussual servers, we have worked with each map, added more monsters in all maps, without usual spots. Arena will be aviable from 250 lvl, we decided to keep arena, but there wont be so easy leveling like other maps.

    Events/New Features

    We have made a lot of new interesting game features, wich makes soldier mu online unique and different from other servers.
    Remaked a lot of new ingame features like Lucky Coin System Cherry Blossom, new website reward system. Website Reward system will allow you to exchange event items from Blood Castle Dopple Ganger and Imperial Guardian event, and for that you will recieve exc item.

    Soldier MU Online Reset System

    We want to be different from other servers, so we made different reset system. First what you need to make reset is 400 level, after that you must go to website to make reset. Each reset is 3kk zen*res count,from 10th till 20th reset you will require 1 soul and 1 bless, after 20th 2 souls and 2 bless and so on. Thats no tall, each time you will make reset, you will lose ~1% of each stats, this system is balanced for all classes.


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