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    [AD] Vertex-Mu Season 3 * Episode 1 * Start ON sunday!



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    [AD] Vertex-Mu Season 3 * Episode 1 * Start ON sunday!

    Post  luckydead on Sat Jul 11, 2015 8:46 pm


    Server Start Date: Sunday >>> 12/07/2015 <<<
    16:00 Time. (UK)
    18:00 Time. (LT)
    20:00 Time. (RU)

    Server version: Season 3 Episode 1
    Experience: 250x
    Drop: 25%
    BLESS Bug: ON
    Max level: 399
    Reset level: 399
    Reset command in game: /reset
    GR(GrandReset) since: 100 resets
    GR(GrandReset) credits: 2000crd

    Server information -
    Vertex Points -
    Administrator contacts -
    Register Link -
    Server Client Downloads links -

    Server news!:

    Hello Vertex-Mu players. the ones were waiting till we reborn. So I would like to let you now happy news we have fixed our all mistakes and started!. Now you will see some new updates in our server you will see few new quests,new maps, also we have created new interface "CastleSiege"(CS)", also fully edited monsters in arena with our own decided XP and drop. From now on XP is 250 , drop 25. Everything is perfectly working at the moment and Castle siege (Chaos Castle,Devil Square,blood castle) all information how to do quests you will find Quest person in lorencia bar. Dark elf you will found in town "barracks". Box of heaven drops "soul/bless/lifes/chaos" if you can't find box of heaven also you can buy everything "Vertex Points Shop" with ur Vertex points. At this time we are not looking for gamemasters. But if you have any ideas we are waiting for your message on Skype , flood and other things you will be blocked. Also we want to say that server won't me closed like yous all think we were just making updates. We will be waiting for everyone in our server good luck. Admin's Skype you will find in collum "contact us" servers statistics you will find in collum "Server Statistics" nd also so to download the game you can find by pressing "Quick start" or "Downloads "

    Good luck!!

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