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    17/01 | LUCT-MU | S8EXTRA | EXP: 1500x DYN. & DROP: 15% | EXT. EDITION



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    17/01 | LUCT-MU | S8EXTRA | EXP: 1500x DYN. & DROP: 15% | EXT. EDITION

    Post  arek1508 on Thu Jan 14, 2016 4:20 pm

    The server project is the long months devoted to the consideration of the creation of the perfect server including community which could be like in the old MU. I played in the MU for many years and I tried to select only those servers where you can feel the old MU and despite the high seasons take advantage on every aspect of this game.
    Im the only member of the whole "staff" and thats the key maybe becouse everything i make on this server is
    configurated and created by me so i know the every single .txt file and every line of server code.

    Server is already registrable, downloadable and playable!
    I'll make all accounts clear just before starting hour!

    LUCT MUOnline Server WebSite:
    LUCT Community Board: LUCT MUOnline

    Hosting: GreenCloudVPS, Anti-DDOS, 8-gb Ram and 10 Gbps port
    Season: Season 8 Episode Full, with possible item working
    Anti-Hack is designed specially for our server by MUEMu
    Community forum is on another web. server which is not compiled with Game Server

    Experience Rate: Dynamic Experiance which can give us chance too clutch top players.
    Master Experience Rate isnt dynamic, just 450X for MLVL, gainable from High-End Mobs.
    Drop Rate is only on 15% becouse we just need to play to get better equipment.
    (MuHelper will do not give us fame and prestige, we need to join Events and Hunts)

    Zen drop rate is critically low, for better market on the server.
    Zen will be the main value on the server.

    Shops are global-like but do not try to sell Jewels or any rare items in shop!
    The prices are realy low like 80,000 Zen for Jewels!

    Dynamic Experience Rate:
    0-10 Resets - 1500X gained from monster (main experience value)
    10-20 Resets - 1250X gained per monster
    20-30 Resets - 1000X gained per monster
    30-40 Resets - 700X gained per monster
    50+ Resets - 500X gained per monster

    Dynamic Experience & Drop bonuses
    You can gain up to 25% Experience and 5% Drop for playing in party
    You can gain up to 10% Experience and 10% Drop for playing Events
    In Weekend's - Free 10% EXP Boost

    Reset system is not so unique or something, its simple. You need to pay Zen for reset.
    Remember that what i say before - MUHelper do not give you Millions of Zen so look out when
    your character will be on 400lv. and you'll be lack of Zen.

    Reset formula is basic: (nr. of RR's) * 270 Points to add = Points to add
    Cost for each reset: 650,000 Zen
    Reset type: Stats Clear and 15,000 Max Points to add
    Max Resets: 50X

    That is the most possible configuration to avoid players overpowering and make the server
    greater in PvP Events, 15,000,000 Points its the best way to give us fun and competitions.

    The Mix Rates have little changes, the whole table is under this line.

    Devil Square Ticket Mix Rate 1-4 = 80%
    Devil Square Ticket Mix Rate 5-7 = 60%
    Blood Castle Ticket Mix Rate 1-8 = 60%

    Item Boost Mix Rate +10 = 60%
    Item Boost Mix Rate +11 = 60%
    Item Boost Mix Rate +12 = 50%
    Item Boost Mix Rate +13 = 50%
    Item Boost Mix Rate +14 = 40%
    Item Boost Mix Rate +15 = 40%

    Jewel Of Bless = 100%
    Jewel Of Soul = 60%
    Jewel Of Life = 70%
    Jewel Of Harmony = 50%
    +Luck Option = +20% or +25%

    Dinorant Pet Mix Rate = 60%

    The creation of the Wings and Chaos Weapon is flexible
    It means that you can upgrade you chance of succesfull mixing

    Blood Castle

    The Gate and Statue HP is greater up to 5X
    10% better boost for Experience
    10% better boost for gaining Jewels

    Devil Square
    10% better boost for gaining Jewels
    10% better boost for gaining Experience
    Better drop rate
    1st, 2nd and 3rd place can give us up too 6,000,000 Zen!

    Chaos Castle

    Hit damage from monsters is doubled
    Increased chance to falling out of the arena
    Better Jewels drop

    Kanturu Event
    Its harded to find Moonstone Pendant for now
    Main bosses got something about 35,000,000 HP *party/guild
    Better Experience up to 10%

    Raklion Event

    Doubled the HP for Eggs
    Selupan got about 50,000,000 HP *party/guild
    Selupan drops more items but there is less likelihood chance of drop
    Selupan using his new skills for now
    EXP is greater up to 100%

    Double Goer & Imperial Guardian

    Better Experience
    Better UI for Monsters
    Better bosses and drop from them

    Balgass & Crywolf

    Balgass got 70,000,000 HP for now
    His best minions got something about 5,000,000 HP
    Better EXP up to 10%

    Medusa Swamp Of Calmness

    Medusa is appearing in Swamp Of Calmness for now
    She's drops best items and Jewels in-game
    Medusa got something about 90,000,000 HP and greater attack
    There is chance for appear another Medusa in another enterntrance

    Moss Marechant
    This bro hasnt changed
    No one know when he is appearing

    Great DarkSide Master Kundun
    One per week game-master is summoning Great Golden Kundun
    Kundun is spawned with his minions "Tantaloses" which got Elemental Attributes
    Tantaloses drops alot of Jewels
    Kundun drops Wings lv. 2 +9 +L +Possible option (max 2)

    Fully working MUROOMY
    Special rewards are remaked but they are quite similar to global
    Card drop is something about 2%

    Roulette Day
    Donate even 1$ to get part in roulette
    Prices are changing every week
    Custom software is created for this needs

    Hide & Seek Little Monster Broth
    GM is hiding in Atlans2
    His got Behamut costume so this wont be easy

    Weekend Exp. Event
    Every weekend experiance is boosted for up to 15%

    I will not write long time and i will not be also send formulas and who knows what tables,
    but I have to write that on this matter we spent the most time and I hope that everything will be as it should be.

    There is no OP (overpowered) class here, class vs. class - that's the rule! So what if you're an elf?
    You have a good build, a little experience? Ok then, be TOP1 and do not worry about BK if you're good player.

    Similarly PVM - mute the ruling class (ok, everyone knows that the ES is exception) and I can assure you
    that Summoner, RageFighter and Elf will level up fast as SM, MG, DL or BK

    Spots: global monsterbase spots, doubled and tripled in some places.

    Snakes are avaiable on our server, summon Scroll can drop Everywhere.
    Snakes are not super powerful, it's a prize
    Green Snake (Jewel Of Bless or Jewel Of Soul)
    Yellow Snake (Jewel Of Bless, Jewel Of Soul or Jewel Of Life)
    Purple Snake (Jewel Of Bless, Soul, Life, Blue Feather and Cape Of Lord)
    Red Snake (Jewel Of Bless, Soul, Life, Creation Blue Feather and Cape Of Lord)
    Chance for Scrolls drop (from monster) - 2,5%

    New PVP Accessories drops too:
    Lorencia - Tarkan = No chance for drop PVP accessory
    Tarkan - Raklion = 2% chance for drop PVP accessory
    Best chance for drop in Events

    We've added new FireCracker
    Lorencia - Raklion = 4% for drop.
    Better chances when Invasion is On.
    Drops +7 - +9 Items for all classes.

    Unique Weapon Box is avaiable too (new)
    Kanturu2 - Raklion = 1,5%
    75% chance for drop from box.
    What drops? Brova, Raven Stick, Striker Scepter, Aileen Bow, Chromatic Staff
    30% chance for Excellent
    25% chance for Excellent +Luck
    15% chance for Excellent +L +2opt.
    2% chance for Excellent +L +3opts.

    There is Talisman Of Luck too (new)
    2% chance for drop

    Silver, Golden Medal and Box Of Heaven are avaiable too
    but the drop from them is Global too.

    PickUp Evetything!

    Our server is offering fully woring and avaiable mining system!
    Hopefully i modified this system alittle so for now there are not only bless!

    Chance for Mining on small source of jewel: 49% (80% Soul)
    Chance for Mining on medium source of jewel: 45% (80% Bless)
    Chance for Mining on large source of jewel: 40% (80% JOL' Life)

    Small sources for each save-zone: 3 (incrementable with progress of server)
    Medium sources for each save-zone: 2 (incrementable with progress of server)
    Large sources for each save-zone: 1 (incrementable with progress of server)

    Sources are gainable every 4 hours!

    New Save-Zones for every map!
    New Monsters UI - monsters can clutch us now!
    New MUUNs - 2 news MUUNs!
    MuROOMY - working mini-game

    Auction Day - the day when administrator is selling items on auctions in Davias for Zen
    Roulette Day - for every donate spended for our server you are automatically ragistered for Roulette day which is giving random items twice per. week
    Great Bosses Day - admin is summoning great golden bosses at end of the week!
    Hide & Seek Day - find me in Atlans, im a spider bro.
    Lorencia Racing Time - Dinos required!
    Forum Events - fanarts, guides and adverisement events!

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