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    NeedMU " Grand Opening 12.02.2016 19:00 "



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    NeedMU " Grand Opening 12.02.2016 19:00 "

    Post  LordTurbat on Fri Jan 29, 2016 7:12 pm

    Hello we are a new team Very Happy
    What another team? 'Another server that will fail ? Sad " WELL NO WERE NOT
    We have Premium
    We have Premium
    What ??? Well now you have noticed we are not any team
    We're almost ready but we all still working on it for you " YES we are so u better f....a...f...VISIT US AND SAY HI ^^"

    ['warning could change something until release'
    for example

    Version: IGCN Season 9 Episode 2

    Server Information:

    Exp: 80
    Drop: 40
    ZenDrop: Low
    MasterExp: 5
    MaxLevel: 400
    MaxMasterLevel: 250
    ReferallSystem: On (Each 7 Reset reward 300 credit)
    Reset: On (Each Reset reward 7 credits)
    PointsAfterReset: Stay
    WebShop: On
    XShop: ON
    VoteReward: On
    Market: On
    CasualEvents: Super Rewards
    BossMonsters: Super Rewards
    ServerFiles: PremiumIGCN (no bugs)
    ElfSoldierBuff: 320 MaximLevel
    MuBots: Have Greate Bufs (only vip acces 30 min)
    MuBots: Have Good Bufs (normal acces 30 min)
    MuHelper: Min level 50
    PintsPerLevel: 5/7
    MasterPoints: 1
    Spots: All Maps 6-10 mobs
    Stadium: For PvP & Events
    GoldenInvazion: 3 Golden of each rase (4-4h)
    PvP & PvM Balance : Made By Ower Team
    PartyExp: 2-85x 5-100x

    Hosting Information:

    -30 GB Ramm
    -1 GB Network Connection
    -Procesor Intel Xeon Sixth Core
    -Hdd SSD
    -Location Germany

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