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    [AD]MU SteelZone 99b+ Normal 2000xp Classic Server



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    [AD]MU SteelZone 99b+ Normal 2000xp Classic Server

    Post  term1nat0r on Mon Mar 07, 2016 9:00 pm

    MU SteelZone 99b+ Normal
    Website: Here
    Server Name: MU SteelZone
    Server Version: 99b+
    Server Experience: 2000x
    Monster Drop Item: 50%
    Server UpTime: 24/7
    Monsers HP: 100%
    Bless Bug: Off
    Reset Level: 350
    Points per res: 2000
    Maximum Level: 400
    Maximum Resets: 100
    Maximum Stats Points: 32767
    Server is hosted from: Bulgaria

    !Your Message - Post Command (Use ! instead of /post)
    /reset - Reset Character
    /pkclear - Clear PK
    /str /dex /ene /vit /com - Add Commands
    /online - Current online players
    /soccer - Challenge Guild Soccer

    Server Events:
    -Blood Castle
    -Devil Square
    -Chaos Castle
    -Happy Hour
    -PVP Event - /joinpvp
    -Red Dragon Event
    -Golden Dragon Invasion
    -White Wizard
    -Kalima Event

    -Characters Balanced
    -Mace of the King Added
    -Ancient Items
    -Marlon Combo Quest
    -Soccer Guild War
    Video Preview:

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