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    Mu Fantasy x500 Unique MuOnline Game play . Amazing Features No bugs Active Events / Rewards and many more Join Now!



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    Mu Fantasy x500 Unique MuOnline Game play . Amazing Features No bugs Active Events / Rewards and many more Join Now!

    Post  jebreil143 on Wed Sep 07, 2016 1:28 pm

    MuFantasy |S6ep3|500x 50x ML 50% Drop | Full PVP | Reset Server
    Welcome to our beloved MuFantasy 500x Server
    Please provide us all your rewievs on our (FORUM)
    In order to present our new Project bassed on S6E3 Classic Gameplay
    Please take a moment to read the following lines.
    Thank you for your time,
    MU Fantasy community staff.
    Our team has been around MuOnline World since 2007. We have experience as administrators but also as Players.
    During this period we have seen a lot of Servers Going Up and Down as well as many players wasting time, money and friends because of servers that were not long term. That being said we can promise you the most interesting GamePlay that will get better and better in time. We plan to open many Worlds(max,mid,low,verry low, etc). Many will grow up in our servers and new generations will come, so let us give you advice.. Invest your time wisely and start building your status as player and community member TODAY in our MuFantasy Servers.
    Register in our forums and help our community Grow. Download the Client and and Prepare your self.
    Official Game Website
    Official Game For … p US Grow!
    We are using professional hosting services and we will try our best so each one of you all around the world can have the best Game-Play in our servers.
    Game Server info
    Exp: x500
    Master Exp : 50
    Drop: 50%
    Max Stats: 32767
    PPL: 5/7
    Character Create
    Summoner Create 250 Level
    Rage Fighter 300 Level
    Magic Gladiator 250 Level
    Dark Lord 150 level
    Starter Rewards
    Level 40 Warrior Ring (Jewel Random)
    Level 80 Warrior Ring (Level 1 wings Random)
    Goblin Points will be rewarded from In-Game Events
    Blood Castle: 5 goblin points
    Devil Square: 5 goblin points
    Chaos Castle: 5 goblin points
    Crywolf: 10 goblin points
    Nightmare: 10 goblin points
    Illusion Temple Classic: 10 goblin points
    Dopple Ganger: 5 goblin points
    Imperial Fort: 5 goblin points
    Online Time: 1 goblin point
    In-game Commands
    /add stats (/addene, /addstr, /addagi, /addvit, /addcmd)
    /requests off|on
    /setparty pw (set AutoParty with password)
    /prop & /teleport wife|hushand (more info: HERE)
    /post command cost 100k
    /pkclear in-game cost 10kk * PK Count (at website for 100kk it clears ALL PK Count)
    /offtrade (more info: HERE)
    Chaos Machine Rates
    Item Mix to +10 = 65%
    Item Mix to +11 = 60%
    Item Mix to +12 = 55%
    Item Mix to +13 = 50%
    Item Mix to +14 = 45%
    Item Mix to +15 = 40%
    (Success rate to on for item with Luck add +20%)
    Wings Creation Rates
    3lvl Wings - 30%
    2lvl Wings - 80%
    Feather of Condor: 70%
    Jewel Rates
    Jewel of Bless No Luck : 65%
    Jewel of Bless With luck : 85%
    Jewel of Soul No Luck : 65%
    Jewel of soul with luck : 85%
    FantasyMu economy is based on Rare Jewels*
    Jewels can be found as game rewards by Heart of Love/Medals & by killing random monsters
    Reset System
    Reset from: 400lvl (bonus + 10 Free Credits)
    Reset price: 10kk * resets
    Stats After Reset: *Keep
    Max resets: unlimited*
    Grand Reset System
    GR from: 100 resets (bonus + 5000 Web Credits
    Stats After Reset: Clear (5000 free points * GR + Reset * [your class] free points)
    GR price: 1.9kkk
    Max GR: unlimited*
    Additional Info
    Reconnect System(no more disconnects) !
    Exchange Online Hours to Free Credits !
    Referral System !
    Vote Reward every 12h !
    CashShop Tickets - Pets - Wings (many more)
    Dynamic Exp System
    OffTrade System in all maps
    Golden Dragon Invasion, Red Dragon Invasion and White Wizard Event every 2 hour
    WCoins©️ exchange rate changed to 2:1
    Hunting the lovely stage Bosses + Box of kundun drops
    Box Of Kundun +1 = Low Category Exc Items
    Box Of Kundun +2 = Low Category Exc Items
    Box Of Kundun +3 = Low Category Exc Items
    Box Of Kundun +4 = Medium Category Exc Items
    Box Of Kundun +4 = Rare Category Exc Items
    Golden Monsters
    Golden Goblin = 5 Monsters
    Golden Titan = 5 Monsters
    Golden Dragon = 5 Monsters
    Golden Lizard = 5 Monsters
    Golden Tantalos = 5 monsters
    InGame Quest and Events
    Imperial Fort Event
    Double Goer (Doppelganger)
    Castle Siege
    Loren Deep
    Devil Square (1-7)
    Blood Castle (1-Cool
    Chaos Castle (1-7)
    Illusion Temple Event
    Swamp of Peace (Medusa)
    Pouch of Blessing Invasion
    Battle Soccer
    Kalima (1-7) Event
    Kanturu Event
    LaColen Event
    Exclusive Custom Last Man Stating event
    Red dragon
    White Wizard
    Sceleton King
    and more..
    Occasional Events
    Santa Village Event
    Halloween Event
    New Year Day Event
    Lottery Events
    Lucky Items System
    Chaos Card
    Moss The Gambler
    and more..
    Box and Special Item Events
    Heart of Love
    Golden and Silver Medals
    Star of Sacred Rebirth
    Cherry Blossom (Gold)
    Sealed Silver and Sealed Golden Boxes
    and more.
    Party Bonus Experience Settings
    NormalParty2ExpBonus = 160
    NormalParty3ExpBonus = 180
    NormalParty4ExpBonus = 200
    NormalParty5Expbonus = 220
    SetParty3ExpBonus = 230
    SetParty4ExpBonus = 270
    SetParty5ExpBonus = 300
    Website features
    Market system: (sell items for credits, wcoins, jewels, zen)
    Vote reward system: (get credits by voting for us every 12 hours)
    Online hours system: (get credits being online while play)
    Referral system: (get credits by referring others to join game)
    Zen wallet system: (transfer zen to website zen bank)
    Web warehouse: (transfer items to web warehouse, unlimited space)
    Change name: (change character nick name)
    Hidden info: (Hide information, location from others)
    Exchange wcoins: (Use wcoins to buy seal buffs, pets, more)
    Clear skill tree: (clear your skill tree points placed)
    Clear inventory: (clear character inventory)
    For any further Questions about the server do not hesitate to leave a comment..
    Intoduce In - Game Pictures / Videos.

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