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    StoryOfMu S6 E3 | F2P NO WEBSHOP | 150x | START 11-11-2016



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    StoryOfMu S6 E3 | F2P NO WEBSHOP | 150x | START 11-11-2016

    Post  arek1508 on Wed Nov 09, 2016 11:50 am

    I am pleased to present you the server resulting from the work of enthusiasts.

    Created for months, fine tuning in every way that eliminates weak points and secured to the highest degree!

    We are the group that its adventure with MU began with the advent of games on the market in 2003.

    In the meantime, we watched with interest the changes that took place and decided to return to the point where

    MU Online was a game on the top which means the season 6 Episode 3 of course.

    The popularity of this version of the game can be seen even by the number of servers posed just for this version.

    Yeah but why should you choose us? Why from a range of private servers should you play just for StoryOfMU?
    As I mentioned, we are a group of enthusiasts, MU is a game that dominated the times when we were teenagers and it is easy to calculate that at this moment we are getting on in years.

    We are not the children who created stereotyped server on my home machine from guide and after a while the server will disappear because my mother tells off the computer.

    StoryOfMU is our hobby, our child pampered in every way, created from A to Z by a server which files recite by heart,

    by people who after years of playing private drew the weight of experience and ideas of successively declining servers

    They added to their passion and created a game that will be eternal ... of course not! we will not tell fairy tales to anyone!

    There is no eternal private servers but we can promise you the game for the years!

    This type of promises probably will be ignored due to the fact that each party within the intended Long's password "server for many years."

    However, to assure you that with us it will be that way I can say that a dedicated server which is decided has been paid for a long time ahead as

    whatever happened server will still exist! An independent three-man group has access to management, so even if for unknown reasons one of us would be

    indisposed other two will always be watching over!
    To get down to business!

    Game Settings:
    EXP: 150%
    DROP: 35%
    DROP ZEN:30%
    MAX LVL:400
    Reset:400 lvl, 600points *Reset
    1-49 = 25KK*RR
    50-59 = 500KK
    60-69 = 600KK
    70-79 = 700KK
    80-89 = 800KK
    90-99 = 900KK
    100+ = 1KKK
    Reset on website.
    Max Stats: 32767

    Character Create:
    MG -260 LvL
    DL -280 LvL
    SUMM -300 LvL
    RF -320 LvL
    The spots 7-8 mobs depending on the map.
    Spots adapted to facilitate the game for the first LvLs after resets.
    Sensibly laid out spots on the Arena - Range Tarkan - K2
    MU Helper: LvL 70
    Team Play:
    20 characters in Guild with Max 1 Ally
    Bonus Party Exp 10% or 20% For each member.
    Gold PT 80% Bonus EXP.

    Bless: 100%
    Soul: 50% / 75%+L
    JoL: 75%
    Item +11:70%
    Item +12:65%
    Item +13:60%
    Item +14: 55%
    Item +15:50%
    Chaos Weapon:100%

    Condor Flame:60%
    Wings 3rd: 40%

    Piece horn:70%
    Broken Horn:50%

    Seed Sphere:65%
    Seed Sphere on item:85%

    And now the thing on what work lasted the longest.

    Layout of Events both in terms of the time and the place took us a really long time, we derived inspiration from other servers,
    which we complemented our own ideas and in large part from our own experience. Each event monster has been adapted to
    server settings, we made sure that every trophy achieved while hunting gives you satisfaction and your hard is rewarded accordingly.
    I am sure that you will not have time to get bored,
    practically any time of day or night, regardless of the time zone you will have a range of events to vary gameplay.
    Here's a foretaste of what is awaiting for you:

    Blood Castle:(Every 2h) - [BC] 1-3 = 1 jewel [BC] 4-6 = 2 jewels [BC] 7 = 3 jewels [BC] 8 = 4 jewels

    Chaos Castle:(Every 2h) - [CC] 1-5 = 1 jewel [CC] 6-7 = Ancient item

    Devil Square: (Every 2h) - Better drops, for 1st 20kk zen/2nd 15kk zen/3rd 10kk zen

    White Wizard:(Every 1h) 3 White Wizards per map Devias/Lorencia/Noria- 1 Jevel of Bless

    Crywolf Event/Balgass:(once a week) - Drop 5x K5

    Red Dragon:(Every 4h) 3 Dragons per map Devias/Lorencia/Noria - Jewels

    Skeleton King:(Every 4h) 2 Skeleton per map Lorencia/Noria - Jewels

    Moss:(Every 6h) - 2 Minutes for buy items (Sword/Spear/Mace,Staff,Stick,Scepter,Bow/Crossbow) the chance to buy EXC items

    Lunar Rabbit: (Every 4h) 5 mobs per map LostTower/Atlans/Tarkan/Aida/Kanturu/LaCleon - Jewels + Zen + Golden/Silver Key

    Golden Invasion:(Every 6h) - Box of Kundum +1/5 Great Golden Dragon drops x3 K5 x2 K4 (1 hour for kill all goldens)

    Doppelganger Event: (Every 15 minutes) - Brown/Silver chest zen, Gold chest jewels

    Gaion's Order:(Every 15 minutes) - Monday - Saturday single jewels + parts Secronomicons / Sunday bundle jewels 30

    Cursed Wizard Event (Every 5h) Invasion of 5 Cursed Wizard on Losttower - Mini Wings + Tickets (2 items)
    Zaikan Event (Every 3h) Invasion of 5 Zaikan on Tarkan - Crest of monarch/Loch's Feather + bundle jewels (2 items)

    Something for really demanding:
    Castle Deep:(Every Saturday on 18:00) - 3 waves mobs, in 3rd wave 2-4 Erochims. drop items 380 lvl + Magic Backpack - randomly (3 items)
    Nightmare Event / Kanturu Event:(Every 6h)- Nightmare drop Items 380 lvl (3 items)
    Raklion Event / Selupan:(Every 6h) - Drop socets items (3 items)
    Medusa:(Every 6h) - Drop Items 380 lvl (3 items)
    Kundun Invasion(every 6H) Invasion of 3 Kundun on Arena/Karutan2/Kalima 1 per map - items 380 (3 items)
    Highlights - Why? Gm events is a matter of imagination and imagination we have a lot:

    GM Events - GM box, What's inside? (Mini wings/simple jewels/bundle jewels/Box of kundum 1-5/Pet Panda/Pet Skeleton/Skeleton Ring/Zen) [/color]

    Heart Of Love
    Items +7/+11+12opt (Sphinx/Scale/Wind/Jawels)

    Silver Medal
    Items +7/+9+12opt (Dragon/Legendary/Guardian/Light Plate/Violet Wind/Sacred/Storm Crow/Jawels)

    Golden Medal
    Items +9/11+12opt (Dragon/Legendary/Guardian/Light Plate/Violet Wind/Sacred/Storm Crow/Jawels)

    Star of Sacred Birth

    Box of heaven

    Cherry Blossom
    10 White - Random Jewel
    30 Red - Random Bundled Jewels 10
    255 Gold - Box of Kundum +5

    Lucky Coins
    10 lucky coins - Imp/Random Jawel
    20 lucky coins - Demon/Rudolf/Bundled Jewels 10 (Bless/Soul/Chaos)
    30 lucky coins - Panda/Skeleton/Bundled Jewels 10 (Creation/Life)

    /post - messege global from 1lvl
    /addstr /addagi /addvit /addene /addcmd - add points
    /re auto - auto party /re off - auto party off
    /ware - max 1 extra warehouse


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