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    [AD]InsertMu Max 999999x



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    [AD]InsertMu Max 999999x

    Post  ZenoChan on Thu Feb 23, 2017 4:45 am

    *Welcome to InsertMU*

    Server Name: InsertMU
    Server Website:
    Forum Website:
    Server is From: Bulgaria
    Version: Season9 FULL
    XP: 9999999999xp
    Drop: MAXXXXXX
    Jewels Rate: MAXXX
    Max Stats: 32767
    Max level: 1999
    Level Res: 400
    Box in shop: +1,2,3,4,5
    Level: 1,2,3,4 Wings in shop
    Free Credits for all
    Free Items for all


    /re on, /re off (Turn on/off requests)
    /request on, /request off (Turn on/off requests)
    /partyleader Name (Changing leader for party)
    /move Arena (Teleport to another location)
    /warp Arena (Teleport to another location)
    /addstr 32767 (Adding Strength Stats)
    /addagi 32767 (Adding Agility Stats)
    /addvit 32767 (Adding Vitality Stats)
    /addene 32767 (Adding Energy Stats)
    /addcom 32767 (Adding Command Stats)
    /offtrade (Offline trade request using Store)
    /vault 1 (Up to 5 vaults and 5 extended vaults available)
    /guildwar GuildName
    /battlesoccer GuildName

    Come And Join US!!

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