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    New info about players



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    New info about players

    Post  Demonu on Sun Mar 12, 2017 11:08 am

    I see many amateurs every day from noobs to kids but never serious players maybe very rarely:

    When visiting a page muonline many players create account download the client but never read what settings have this game and how I am reward when i play

    Then when i connect to MuOnline i play 10 minute ? seriously how can you expect to understand the game and settings if you play just 10 minutes oh my god

    This new generation know nothing about MuOnline but playing and when I get bored i search new server muonline and start again from 0 hahahaha It amuses me

    DemonuMu is a Free Project create and the combined [hard/medium/easy] to have fun without getting bored but at the same time and work to have activity every day

    Just because the server have 0 players or 3 players etc does not mean that server it's not good if you are a serious player then read the website what is the settings and play

    After you understand how's this game work

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