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    MuRedemption|SE6.3|20x EXP|20x Drop|No Reset|PVP Blanaced|Long Term



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    MuRedemption|SE6.3|20x EXP|20x Drop|No Reset|PVP Blanaced|Long Term

    Post  MuRedemption on Wed Nov 06, 2013 10:44 am

    Welcome to Mu Redemption!


    Server information:
    Season 6 Ep 3
    Exp: 20x
    ML Exp: 3x
    Drop Rate: 25x
    No Reset
    VIP: (See below for details)
    GMO + Custom Spots
    PVP Balanced
    Long Term (24/7 uptime)

    Server Security:
    Dedicated hosting with 10gbs upload
    High level of DDoS mitigation to ensure a stable server base
    IGC Network premium files
    24/7 Customer Support

    Events such as Chaos Castle, Devil Square, Blood Castle, Nightmare events enabled the winning player to obtain a certain amount of Wcoins.
    Killing bosses such as Selupan, Medusa, Erohim, you will also be able to obtain free Wcoins.
    - Devil Square
    - Blood Castle
    - Chaos Castle
    - Golden Invasion
    - Red Dragon Invasion
    - White Wizard Invasion
    - Kalima
    - CryWolf
    - Castle Siege
    - Double Goer (Doppelgänger)
    - Kanturu
    - Illusion Temple
    - Imperial Guardian
    - LaCleon Hatchery
    - Daily GM Events
    - And More!
    (More information on events can be found on the Events page on our website)

    VIP/Premium Service:
    VIP service is the only P2P service that will be active during the first 2-3 weeks of the server opening.
    This decision was made as we want a fair gameplay for the launch of the server, but also for the people who are wanting to donate and activate the VIP service, there will still be that small advantage.

    VIP Exp: 25x
    VIP ML Exp: 5x
    VIP Drop: 30x
    VIP Exc Drop: Extra 5x
    Mu Shop seals and some pets have been disabled. All other items not relating to EXP increase are enabled.

    Once server has been opened for excess of 2 weeks, players will have hopefully participated in events such as CC/BC/DS/NM and have been rewarded with coins allowing them to purchase seals and pets to increase their EXP.For those who wish to donate and help the server, you will also have access to the seals and pets once you have transfered your website credits to Wcoin.
    (Please keep in mind that this is also after the initial 2-3 week period, however, you are still able to buy other items from the Mu Shop)

    Game Play Overview:
    Shops: You will find basic gear +0+12+L up to Guardian/Dragon/Legendary

    Drop Rate: 25x

    Star of Sacred Birth - Low drop rate, will drop Excellent items up to Leg/Dragon/Guardian (No Luck)
    Silver Medal - Low drop rate, will drop normal items +4-+7 (with a 50% chance of +Luck) or jewels
    Gold Medla - Low drop rate, will drop normal items +4-+7 (with a 50% chance of +Luck) or jewels

    Spots: GMO spots + Custom spots on ALL maps

    PVP Balanced

    Jewel Rates:
    Jewel of Bless - 100%
    Jewel of Soul (Item with no Luck) - 50%
    Jewel of Soul (Item with Luck) - 75%
    Jewel of Life - 65%

    Chaos Machine rate:
    +10 = 65%
    +11 = 60%
    +12 = 45%
    +13 = 35%
    +14 = 30%
    +15 = 25%
    Items with +Luck = 20% Extra

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