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    Heon-Mu Fresh Season II | 800 Exp | No custom items | No Arena



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    Heon-Mu Fresh Season II | 800 Exp | No custom items | No Arena

    Post  heonmuadm on Thu Apr 27, 2017 5:49 am


    Hello, dear Mu-Online players. I would like to thank you for your interest about this thread.
    We would like to invite you to take a part in new Heon-Mu Season II server!

    Heon-Mu with 97d version worked since 2009 until now.
    Times are changing need to do some updates. In  97d version were added really much work.
    New maps, new items, new events, commands etc.
    97d version is very limited version. We decided to create server with not newest Season.
    We decided to use good old fresh Season II files.

    Server version: Season 2
    Experience: 800
    Max level: 400
    Guild create level: 401
    Soul With Luck Succes Rate: 80
    Soul No Luck Success Rate: 50
    Chaos Machine Mix+10: 80 %
    Chaos Machine Mix+11: 70 %
    Chaos Machine Mix+12: 60 %
    Chaos Machine Mix+13: 60 %
    Wing Mix Lvl2 Rate: 90 %
    Dark Horse Mix: 60 %
    Dark Spirit Mix: 60 %

    Additional commands:
    Post /post
    Add Str /addstr
    Add Agi /addagi
    Add Vit /addvit
    Add Ene /addene
    Add Cmd /addcmd
    PkClear /pkclear
    Time (show server time and date) /time
    Online (shows how much players and game masters online) /online

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