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    [AD] Origins Network | S6.3 | 20x Exp | 20x Drop | No Reset | Official Open 31st/Jan



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    [AD] Origins Network | S6.3 | 20x Exp | 20x Drop | No Reset | Official Open 31st/Jan

    Post  originsgaming on Tue Jan 21, 2014 8:57 am

    Welcome to Origings Gaming Network, Mu Online Season 6 Episode 3.
    Firstly, we would like to welcome you all to take part in our dream to create the best Mu Online experience for you, the players.
    Origins Gaming Network was formed by 3 very close friends, who over the last 5-7 years have not only played Global Mu Online, but various
    Private servers.
    Playing Mu Online, gave us great joy, great challenges and most of all, it gave us a lot of great and ever lasting friendships.
    We have decided to create Mu Origins Season 6 Episode 3, and also the latest eX702 (With Season 8 soon to be released)
    Our Aim is to provide you with a professional and honest gaming experience, an experience that you will enjoy and meet new friends, and an experience that
    you wont forget!
    We currently run the latest IGC Network files that are available for this season.
    We are aware that there are some known bugs, as there are on most servers, which is why IGC update there files once every week.

    We welcome you once again, and we hope that you do enjoy your time at Origins Gaming Network.

    While final preperations and config take place, We are opening a live BETA for 1 week only, which beings on
    the 25th Of January at 6.00PM (GMT+Cool
    Once the live BETA has taken place, and final adjustments and any concerns met, there will be a Database wipe.
    BETA testers will be rewarded for their time and efforts and given an exclusive VIP Access which will boost their EXP and Drops for 3 days.
    Official Launch will then be held the following Friday which is the 31st of January at 6.00pm (GMT+Cool

    Season 6 Episode 3
    20x EXP
    10x ML
    20x Drop
    No Reset
    PVP Balanced
    Guild create: 150
    Max Alliance: 4
    Max Level: 400 + 200ML
    Summoner Create: 150
    RageFighter Create: 300
    MuHelper BOT: Active at lvl 80
    PPL: GMO
    Spots: GMO + Custom on some maps

    Dedicated Hosting
    Supporting Premium IGC Files
    DDoS Mitigation

    You will find your basic gear +0+12+L up to Guardian/Dragon/Legendary in NPC

    The Lorenica bar contains BC/DS combination items up to +4

    Custom Drops:
    Heart of Love - Will drop items up to Guardian/Dragon/Legendary aswell as respective Weapons & Sheilds +7-+9 (50% + Luck, No +OPT)
    Silver Medal - Will drop Jewels or Zen (Jewels include, Bless, Soul & Chaos)

    MuShop: (Pressing X in-Game)
    We have customized the MuShop, by decreasing the cost of items from which coins are won through events, or by voting.
    We have also added some new items to Goblin Point section, which makes it actualy worth while to spend them.

    Jewel Rate:
    Bless = 100%
    Soul without luck = 50%
    Soul with luck = 75%
    Jewel of Life = 65%

    Chaos Machine:
    +10 = 60%
    +11 = 50%
    +12 = 45%
    +13 = 35%
    +14 = 35%
    +15 = 30%

    All Items that include +Luck will have extra +20% on success rate

    Wing/Cape Rates:
    Max 3rd wing rate = 40%
    Feather of Condor = 60%
    Max 2nd wing rate = 90%
    Max Cape of Lord rate = 90%

    - Devil Square
    - Blood Castle
    - Chaos Castle
    - Golden Invasion
    - Red Dragon Invasion
    - White Wizard Invasion
    - Kalima
    - CryWolf
    - Castle Siege
    - Double Goer (Doppelgänger)
    - Kanturu
    - Illusion Temple
    - Imperial Guardian
    - LaCleon Hatchery
    - Medusa (Currently bugged in Season 6.3 of IGC Files)
    - Daily GM Events
    - And More!
    (Event Times countdown can be found on our Website)


    Custom Blood Castle Drops:
    BC1 - 1 Jewel Drop
    BC2 - 2 Jewel Drop
    BC3 - 2 Jewel Drop
    BC4 - 3 Jewel Drop
    BC5 - 3 Jewel Drop
    BC6 - 4 Jewel Drop
    BC7 - 4 Jewel Drop
    BC8 - 5 Jewel Drop

    Wcoin and Golbin Points:
    Goblin Points are obtained by being online. 20 Goblin Points are given each hour your character is online.
    Wcoins can not only be obtained by voting or donating but by completing the following events:

    10Wcoin for Blood Castle
    10Wcoin for Devil Square
    10Wcoin for Chaos Castle
    10Wcoin for Crywolf Event
    15Wcoin for Nightmare Event
    10Wcoin for Illusion Temple
    15Wcoin for Hatchery Event
    15Wcoin for Dopple Ganger
    15Wcoin for Imperial Fort
    25Wcoin for Kundun Boss
    25Wcoin for Medusa Boss

    Register (Available Now)
    Download (Available Wednesday)
    Forum (Under Final Construction)


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    Re: [AD] Origins Network | S6.3 | 20x Exp | 20x Drop | No Reset | Official Open 31st/Jan

    Post  originsgaming on Tue Feb 04, 2014 8:42 am

    Please find below current changes that occured yesterday from feedback.

    Updates and Changes:

    1. Fixed Blood Castle drops
    - From Blood Castle 1-5 Jewel drops are Chaos, Bless, Soul and Life
    - From Blood Castle 6-7 Jewel drops are Chaos, Bless, Soul, Life, Guardian, Harmony and Refinery stone

    2. Jewel of Guardian now drops in Kalima 6 - 7

    3. Increased Jewel drop (Chaos/Bless/Soul/Life)

    4. Increased drop for 220 Skills

    5. Config Silver and Gold Medals event
    - Silver Medal will now drop Weapons & Sheilds (+7-+9, 50% of +Luck, NO +OPT)
    - Gold Medal will now drop Armors (+7-+9, 50% of +Luck, NO +OPT)
    - Heart of Love will no longer drop

    6. Corrected NPC Positons, and minor adjustment to items sold in shop

    7. Added missing spots to Losttower3

    8. White Wizard will now drop Soul or Bless with 50% chance of zen

    9. Decrease to cost of Mu Helper

    10. Drops for all Bosses completed

    11. Red Dragon drop adjusted

    12. Small Adjustments to PVP Balance

    13. Updated Scripts to stop Xshop items dissapearing after relog

    14. Increased % of Success in Chaos Machine
    +10 = 70%
    +11 = 60%
    +12 = 55%
    +13 = 45%
    +14 = 45%
    +15 = 40%

    20% Extra for items with +Luck

    Forum is also now available:

    A new Client has also been uploaded and we recommened everyone to download this client and use it.
    There seemed to be issues with the previous one that was uploaded.

    More news to come shortly!


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