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    New Update 2017


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    New Update 2017 Empty New Update 2017

    Post  Demonu on Sun Aug 27, 2017 6:52 am

    Bonus Creating Characters in Game Automatic gain points 500 zen 50000000

    Grand Opening tomorrow 08.27.2017 Time Romania 09:30 AM

    I recommend you read the website information about the server
    So that you know what settings have and how you are reward

    I just upgrade sql server 2000 to sql server 2008r2 For better protection

    Fixed BK SwellOfLife duration 19 minutes Fixed SM ManaShield 50%

    Votes Reward upgrade each 24 hours your reward with 450 credits

    In each map upgrade all spots next lvl from 11 monsters to 16 monsters

    Quest System Online has been decreased number of monsters

    Full Screen Resolution 1024x768 or Window mode 800x600

    Problems Login Server ? check the website [Tutorial Login Server!]

    Market System You must login to sell & buy items from the other players

    GrandReset Normal Character lvl 350 45 rst win 2500 credits

    Potion Girl Lorencia/Stadium Have in shop wings lvl 1 no options or luck

    Each Shop and Each Location upgrade to have all +0 old school interface

    Lorencia Blacksmith have in shop Excellent Ring of Ice+Ring of Poison+11 1 option
    Excellent Pendant of Lightning and Pendant of Fire+11 1 option


    Reward by Server with 6000 credits bonus will remain valid for several days
    Any fake account detect is delete automatic and the original account is delete
    Only 1 account and 1 ip will receive the bonus because It's safer not to cheat anyone
    Only players who are serious and playing will receive this bonus

    Do not forget to invite friends,pets,pokemon digimon (o-0)
    And after start Join to begin hunting monsters

    New Update 2017 Thumb-1920-695227

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