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    Undead-Mu S3 EP1 XP99999


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    Undead-Mu S3 EP1  XP99999 Empty Undead-Mu S3 EP1 XP99999

    Post  vitalush on Sat Jan 13, 2018 2:07 am
    Server Version: Season lll Episode l
    Experience: 9999x
    Item Drop: 99%
    Monster HP: 100%
    Bless Bug: On
    Points Per Level: 6/7
    Max Stats: 32767
    Maximum Level: 400
    Reset Level: 400
    Max Resets: 9999(from Donat modul)

    Blood Castle Events
    Bonus Webshop Credits: Online
    Minimum Level For Creating Guild: 100
    PK Clear Cost: 10,000,000 x Number Kills
    Votes Reward: Online
    Webshop System: Online
    Clear Inventory: No
    Clear Skills: No
    Clear Stats: No
    Wings 1,2,3 in shop
    Box+1,2,3,4 in shop

    MuWeb Customs Full Premium:
    Trade Online Hours/Change Nickname/Change class

    Grand Opening of the server
    [12.01.2018 Time Moldova 20:00 PM]

    BloodCastle Event Start 2 hours:

    Opportunities for success:
    Jewel Of Soul success: 99%
    Jewel Of Soul success + Luck: 99%
    Jewel Of Life success: 99%
    1LevelWingsSuccessRate = 99%
    2LevelWingsSuccessRate = 99%
    Item +10 success: 99%
    Item +11 success: 99%

    Golden Mobs Spots Start 2 hours
    Noria Little Golden Dragon (Box of Heaven)
    Davias Golden Titan 10 (Taikan) (Box+2)
    Davias Golden Soldier (Just defenders)
    Lorencia Golden Goblin 10 (Box+1)
    Davias Golden Goblin 10 (Box+1)
    Noria Golden Goblin 10 (Box+1)
    Lorencia Golden Dragon 10 (Box+3)
    Davias Golden Dragon 10 (Box+3)
    Noria Golden Dragon 10 (Box+3)
    Full Atlans 15 Golden Lizard King (Box+4)
    Atlans 1/2/3 Golden Vepar (Just defenders)
    Full Tarkan 15 Golden Tantalos (Box+5)
    Tarkan 1/2 Golden Wheel (Just defenders)

    GrandReset Normal Character lvl 400,100 reset-2500 credits

    Commands Players !!

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