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    [AD] EpixonMu - Season 3 Episode 1 low rate server!


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    [AD] EpixonMu - Season 3 Episode 1 low rate server! Empty [AD] EpixonMu - Season 3 Episode 1 low rate server!

    Post  kinox on Thu Jan 18, 2018 4:36 pm

    Grand opening:

    Server Start Date: Sunday>>> 28/01/2018 <<<
    16:00 Time. (UK)
    18:00 Time. (LT)
    20:00 Time. (RU)

    You can register into website now!

    Server information:

    - Experience: 150
    - Drop: 40%
    - Server location: United Kingdom
    - Launcher - AutoUpdate
    - Carnage Event
    - Rena Event
    - The system of mercenaries
    - Quest System
    - Chaos Card Master
    - Mystical Soldier Event
    - Speed Bug Fix
    - Cards to increase the percentage of cooking in the chaos machine
    - In-game reset system: /reset
    - Exellent + Ancent Items
    - Setting formulas characters
    - Offline Trade
    - BLESS Bug: OFF
    - Max level: 400
    - Reset level: 400
    - Reset command in website
    - Pkclear in game command: /pkclear
    - GR(GrandReset) since: 60 resets
    - GR(GrandReset) credits: 3000crd
    - Global alert about a new offline shop nickname and coordinates
    - Unique Lorencia
    - NPC Buffer
    - 4 Loose Change 100kk 250kk 500kk 1kkk
    - Good spots Devias, Lorencia, Stadium
    - Balanced upto 150xp and 50%
    - Added a command to distribute Commando at Dark Lord
    - Client Hp Bar Target Hp
    - PvP System Setings for all map
    - Command information Character /char Nick
    - Function Accaunt Mode
    - New Item Drop Manager
    - Disconnect Hack protection server-side
    - Server Client Anticheat
    - New Quest System
    - Drop Event
    - Happy Hour Event
    - Quest system in the development of the characteristics of the character
    - Evangelion Event
    - System Of Brother
    - New client
    - New Server files
    - Web protection and no bug Usercp
    - Vote for reward
    - Webmarket
    - PayPal, Sms, Bank donate

    Drops info:
    Jewels: From all boxes except Blue Ribbon box and Box of Kundun
    Excellent items: From Green Ribbon Box, Red Chocolate box, Orange Candy Box and Box of Kundun, Kanturu Event
    Rena: Blood Castle reward, Blue Ribbon Box, Chaos Castle Reward, Dragon Event
    Blue Ribbon Box: drops rena, you can get it from Cursed King and Hell Maine bosses
    Blue Candy Box: drops 10 bless and 10 soul, you can get them from golden invasion
    +7-+13 Items: From Red Ribbon Box, Liac Candy Box, Pink Chocolate Box, drops from all monsters
    Box of Kundun: drops all in game items and 1% chance of dropping Rena
    Box of Heaven: drops Jewels (Soul Bless Life Chaos) also 1%chance to drop Rena
    Loch's feather: Drop from Dark Phoenix in Icarus
    Condor Flame: Drop in Barracks and Kanturu3
    More info about drop system later

    Jewel of Soul (No luck): 55%
    Jewel of Soul (+Luck): 80%
    Jewel of Life: 70%
    Probability of success at +10: 100%
    Probability of success in +11: 100%
    Probability of success at +12: 100%
    Probability of success at +13: 100%
    1lvl wings mix rate : 0-100% depends on items
    2lvl wings mix rate : 4-90% depends on items
    feather of condor mix : up to 40%
    wings level 3 mix rate : up to 30%
    Probability of success in items 380: 50% and 70%

    Website links:

    Server information -
    Register Link -
    Server Client Downloads links -
    Facebook group:

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