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    [AD] GamsterMu | Low-Med EXP & Drop | Higly Configured | Season 12



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    [AD] GamsterMu | Low-Med EXP & Drop | Higly Configured | Season 12

    Post  gamstermuserver on Wed Feb 21, 2018 2:22 pm

    Greetings MUtizens,
    I'd like to present to you the new GamsterMu project.



    Server: Season 12 Revolution

    Official Opening: March 10 2018

    Current Status: Open Beta


       Our Revolution Season 12 Server is based on Premium IGCN Files with auto-updater
       Pseudo-nonreset system
       Exp rate is Low to Mid, based on each map ( each map has it's own Exp value )
       1000 Normal Levels
       500 Master Levels
       Custom (and relevant) Ancient Sets (fully rebuild)
       Custom Boss Monsters
       Custom Boxes
       Custom Events
       Excellent Items can have multiple excellent options ( NO FULL OPTION ITEMS )
       Wings can have multiple options ( up to Full Option )
       Custom Seed options
       Custom Buff values
       Custom Jewel option values ( Harmony & Guardian Jewels )
       ... Custom Everything ...
       Unique Character Balances
       Custom Muun Pets with relevant options
       Custom Karma system for Player Killing
       Custom Stats Specialization
       Item Buyback active ( if u sold something to NPC Shop by mistake, you can buy it back )
       Upgradable Skills and Spells ( ex: Evil Spirit evolves to Soul Seeker )
       BattleCore Server active
       Custom X-shop ( no full option items in x-shop )
       No Full Option Items on the Webshop

    Levels and Resets:

       Max Normal Level: 1000
       Max Master Level: 500
       Only the first reset will give stat points. By further reseting, you unlock 100 Master Levels / reset.
       On each reset, the normal stat points will be reseted ( usefull in case of a wrong build or for trying a different build )
       Stat points per normal level: 11 points (12 after Marlon Quest) for DW, BK, Elf, SUM // 15 points for MG, RF, DL, GL
       Points per Master Level: 1


    - I have 0 resets and Normal Level 1000, i can make 100 Master Levels

    - I have 1 reset and Normal Level 1000, i can make 100 more Master Levels ( from ML level 100 -> 200 ML Level )

    And so on ...

    Note: The Skill Tree is Higly Important, thus we have this system.

    Custom Ancient Sets:

     All Ancient Sets are composed of armor piece items ( Helm, Armor, Pants, Gloves, Boots ), the only exceptions being the MG class ( MG cannot wear Helm piece ) and RF class ( RF cannot wear glove piece )
       There are no Ancient Accesory items ( rings, pendants, weapons or shields )
       All completed Ancient Sets, unlock 5 bonus options ( when all pieces of a set are collected )
       All Ancient Set Options have been customized
       All Ancient Sets have specialization options ( Damage, Defense, etc )
       Each Ancient Set has a twin Set with different specialization options

    Example: Ancient Leather Set has 2 sets, Warrior and Anonymous, each with a different specialization options. In this case, Warrior Leather Set is specialized in Damage options, while Anonymous Leather Set is specialized in Defense options, thus allowing players to choose a suitable set for their type of Character build.

    For more details please read on our forum.

    See you on the Server, let's see who is the strongest !


    Posts : 4
    Join date : 2018-02-07

    Re: [AD] GamsterMu | Low-Med EXP & Drop | Higly Configured | Season 12

    Post  gamstermuserver on Sat Mar 10, 2018 5:11 pm

    1 Hour until Oficial Opening. See you in game !

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