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    New Info add just today


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    New Info add just today Empty New Info add just today

    Post  Demonu on Mon Mar 05, 2018 1:54 pm

    [News] Basic information about DemonuMu (HOT!)

    What's new to the server ? fresh db starting up 6.3.2018 stay tuned

    Bonus Creating Characters in Game Automatic gain points 1500 zen 50000000

    Exp 400x Drop 40%/Heart of Love Drop Rate 40% Soul/Chaos/Life/Bless

    VipSystem is online buy and have 15 days exp 500x but you pay 1500 credits

    Advantages when you are vip ? Vip GrandReset Normal Character lvl 350 45 rst win 3000 credits

    Vip When you make a reset the server reward you automatic with 25 credits

    Reward by Server with 10000 credits for each new player who is playing

    Events Start 4 hours Blood Castle/Happy Hours/Party Bonus/Invasion

    Buy from Webshop Jewel of Soul/Chaos/Life/Bless but you pay 1000/1500 credits

    Maximum Level: 350 Reset Level: 350 Max Resets: 45

    Reward Players For Hard Work (HOT)!!

    Tutorial Fixed Login Server (HOT)!!

    Read Before You Play (HOT)!!

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