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    [AD] DieselMu Season 13 Episode 1-2 - X50 Opening 13th April



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    [AD] DieselMu Season 13 Episode 1-2 - X50 Opening 13th April

    Post  DieselMu on Mon Apr 02, 2018 10:13 am



    Server Informations
    Version: Season 13 Episode 1-2
    Files: IGCN Premium
    Normal Experience: x50
    Master Experience: x100
    Event Experience: x100
    Item drop: 60%
    Maximal stats: 32000 (32k)
    Maximal level: 920
    Maximal master level: 520
    Reset level: 400
    Reset cost: 1kk* Zen
    Reset rewards: 500 Free Points + 10 Gold Coins (Valid only on Web)
    Spots everywhere, press TAB to open map (3-5 Mobs/Spot)
    RUUD from Hearts, Medals, Golden/Silver Sealed Boxes, All map bosses and other Events
    Chaos Castle +2, +3, +4 ,+5, +6, +7 Reward Ancient items
    Blood Castle And Devil Square Has increased excellent item Drop
    Guild Create from: 150 level
    MuBot (MuHelper) from: 1 level
    Offlevel and Offtrade System Enabled
    Limited X Shop/And Limited Webshop (NO F.O Items)

    Server New Features
    Archievment System / Wheel Of Fortune / Auction System / Lottery System
    Market System ( sell items to other players ) / Starting Kit For Players / Promotion System

    Season 13 Features
    Fourth character class, Fourth Class Quest System, Fourth Class Wings and Graded Options, Fourth Skill Tree & Tree Enhancement,
    New Map Deep Dungeon and monsters, Guide Quest System, Items Division System, Mini-Game Jewelry Bingo, Favorite Warps List System,
    Chaos Combination Simplified Material System, New Map Swamp of Darkness and monsters, Lord of Darkness Battle, New Mastery Equipment Awakening Soul.

    Season 13 Wings for the 4th Class
    Angel wings = Soul Wizard
    Devil Wings = Dragon Knight
    Genius Wings = Noble ELf
    Destruction Wings = Magic Knight
    Control Wings = Empire
    Lord Eternal Wings = Dimension Summoner
    Judgment Cloak = Fist Blazer
    Eternity Cloak = Shining Lancer


    Posts : 2
    Join date : 2018-04-02

    Re: [AD] DieselMu Season 13 Episode 1-2 - X50 Opening 13th April

    Post  DieselMu on Fri Apr 13, 2018 9:12 pm


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