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    [AD] MERCURY MU X100 | S6 E3 | Launch - 13 APRIL !


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    [AD] MERCURY MU X100 | S6 E3 | Launch - 13 APRIL !

    Post  Dimonis123 on Wed Apr 11, 2018 5:43 pm

    Dear players are happy to inform you that the opening of our server Mercury Mu x100
    Grand Open for April 13 (Friday) at 20:00 MSK.

    Server's scores: x100.
    Rate Drop: 50%
    Server Chronicles: Season 6 Episode 3
    Maximum level: 400
    First Reset with: 350 level
    For each reset: 10 WcoinC
    Grand Reset with 100 resets
    Stats after grand reset 10000
    Maximum Grand Reset: 50
    Stats for Reset: DW / DK - 550 Points | ELF - 550 | MG - 650 | DL - 700 | RF - 650 | SUM - 600 |
    Maximum stats: 32767
    Reliable protection against all sorts of cheats and dumb.
    5 new bosses and new locations
    Referral system
    New sets for each class and new locations
    It is possible to receive bonuses through voting for the server.
    Hidden spots since Losttower for 6-8 monsters.
    Fixed bug on sale of Wings (Zen)
    Server uptime: 24/7
    Game process :
    Elf Assistant Up to 250 Levels and 100 Resets
    Creating a guild: 250 lvl
    Autoclicker is available from level 1
    New location: Noob Map
    New monsters, new bosses
    Spots in all locations for 6-8 monsters with respawn 10 seconds.
    All the monsters are reconfigured, balanced for x100 raiting.
    PvP options hold all things from Leather to socket
    Harmony options hold all things, including Socket
    Party Search, System of weddings, ТvT event, Silent event.
    Unique system Off-Exp (pumping in offline).
    Start boxes falling from all monsters designed to quickly dress you up a bit.

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