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    [AD] Knight-MU 150x 60% NO WEBSHOP



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    [AD] Knight-MU 150x 60% NO WEBSHOP

    Post  knightmu on Tue May 13, 2014 6:29 am

    Grand opening 03/05/2014 (22:00 GT+2)
    Skype: knight-mu_owner

    Server Information
    Server name: Knight-MU
    Version: 97d99i
    Max stats: 32767
    Experience rate: 150x Weekend Bonus 250x Event: Happy Hour!
    Drop rate: 60% Weekend 75% Bonus Event:Happy Hour
    Servers: PVP
    Bless bug: OFF
    Guild creation available from: 120 level
    Character delete: 40 level max
    Reset level: 350 level
    Reset max: 84 resets
    Reset type: Reset stats
    Clear inventory: Yes
    Reset payment: 8,000,000 zen per reset

    [Point per level / Point per reset]
    Dark knight: 5 ppl. / 480 ppr.
    Dark wizard: 5 ppl. / 650 ppr.
    Fairy elf: 5 ppl. / 520 ppr.
    Magic gladiator: 7 ppl. / 570 ppr.

    Jewels rates
    Jewel of bless succes rate: 90%
    Jewel of soul succes rate: 70%
    Jewel of soul +item luck: 80%
    Jewel of life succes rate: 90%

    Jewels prices (Selling price)
    Jewel of bless: 3,000,000 zen
    Jewel of soul: 2,000,000 zen
    Jewel of creation: 12,000,000 zen
    Jewel of chaos: 240,000 zen

    Events in game
    Blood castle
    Devil square
    Chaos castle
    Golden invasion
    Skeleton invasion
    Castle siege
    Kundun invasion

    GM events
    Race events
    Kings PK
    and other...

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