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    Air Mu Online



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    Air Mu Online

    Post  eins13 on Wed May 28, 2014 1:11 am

    Air-Mu Reborn
    -Drop: 40


    -Fresh Database from 20.05.2014;
    -Intresting gameplay, with 100% balanced pvp between all classes;
    -Master level increased to 1000 (HOT!)
    -All seeds work 100% right (HOT!)
    -JOH options have been increased(example: DDI is now 11% for items +15; SD Bypass +15) (HOT!)
    -Custom events that award Cash Points: Scrammble, Bring, PVP;
    -Fully working anti-hack and DDOS protection;
    -Stable server online 24/7;
    -Active and experienced team of admins, we got Bug Tracker where players can post bugs and admins will solve them asap (HOT!)
    -Trade online hours;
    -Grand Reset at 100resets, award 5000 credits;
    -Vote reward;
    -Weekly great events, forum and in-game events;
    -VIP buy command, bought with CashPoints, stay online and receive CashPoints> Buy VIP with CashPoints, increase experience with 50% (HOT!)
    -5 Vaults to gather your items;
    -Credits trade within in-game Personal Store (HOT!)
    -Friendly community!

    Join the new era of gaming! Air- MU Network!

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