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    MuRaptors (ROMANIA)



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    MuRaptors (ROMANIA)

    Post  legolas14 on Tue Feb 07, 2012 2:02 pm

    Just search MuRaptors on google, i can't post any links.

    MuRaptors MuOnline


    Experience Rate: 5o x
    Drop Rate:2o %
    Reset Level: 400
    Reset Payment: 10.000.000 Zen
    Jewel of Soul Success Rate: 80% (+25% for items with luck)
    Jewel of Life Success Rate: 80%
    Chaos Machine Success Rate: 95%, 90%, 85%, 80%
    DEDICATED SERVER (Powerful i5 Dedicated Server)

    Global Chat (/post)
    In-game Stats Adder (No switch required) (/str, /ene, /agi, /vit, /com)
    Golden Archer (Trade 5 renas and get 1 excellent item)
    Custom Quests (Visit the NPC in front of Lorencia bar)
    Lottery NPC (Somwhere in Devias)
    3D Camera (Amazing 3D Camera , rotate with the mouse)
    Minimap (Available on every map)
    Over 30 NEW MOBS and NPCS (Custom made)
    No Speed bugs (Even if you are full stats you can use all your skills without any bug)
    Demons To summon a demon to come in your aid you can now use "/summon", followed by one of these names :
    1. Ptal - Any level (/summon Ptal)
    2. Erat - Requires level 50 (/summon Erat)
    3. Ahront - Requires level 150
    4. Amael - Requires level 250
    5. Varah - Requires level 350
    2 New Jewels (first for adding up to 3 exc opts , second for increasing pendant/rings level)
    All classes are balanced!
    Castle Siege Battle (Win the Siege and gain access for you and your guild to special map where ancient items drop)
    99% NO BUGS (1% represents minor bugs which don't affect gameplay)
    Cash Shop (Seals,tickets and many other) BETA

    MuRaptors Events:
    Blood Castle
    Devil Square
    Castle Deep
    White Wizard Invasion
    Golden Mobs Invasion
    Chaos Castle
    Castle Siege
    CryWolf Defense
    Kanturu Event
    Illusion Temple Event
    Carnage Event
    Mystical Soldier Event
    Custom GM Events
    And much much more

    Custom Season III Episode I
    We offer a original , bugless and fully customized Season III Episode I
    All Season 1 Features working with no bugs
    All Season 2 Features working with no bugs
    All Season 3 Episode 1 Features working with no bugs

    Make sure you read the news page of our website everyday and check download section often.

    About MuRaptors MuOnline:
    Staff Activity (Very active staff team)
    No donation server ,webshop
    Paid Antihack System (For your safety)
    Every 24 hour our DB backup (Automatic task)

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