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    [AD] MULANDER |Season 8|5000x|Drop: 50%|PVP-Server|Long Term



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    [AD] MULANDER |Season 8|5000x|Drop: 50%|PVP-Server|Long Term

    Post  MsRaiNe on Wed Jul 02, 2014 4:27 am

    Why MULANDER is unique from any other private servers?

    Fast Reset - no need to wait for months to make your character full stats. Earn incentives for every reset that is convertible to points.

    Crafting - combine items and get excellent socket items. Items needed for crafting are also easy to collect.

    PVP Balance - every class has its own skills that can defeat other classes.

    Market System - buy and sell items using cash points. Earn reputations for every successful trade.

    Skill Oriented - success is not achieved by spending more time but by how good the game is played.

    Social / Fun - players are compelled to interact and communicate with each other.

    General Server Information:

    Server Name: Mulander
    Version: Season 8 Episode 2
    Powered By: zTeam

    Year Started: 2009
    Database Wipe Out: None

    Server Rates:

    Exp: 5,000
    Drops: 50%
    Monster HP: 100%

    Server Configuration:

    Reset LVL: 400
    Points Per Reset: 1,250
    Keep Stats?: No
    Reset Payment: 1,000,000 zen
    Max Reset: 130
    Grand Reset?: Yes

    Jewels %: 75%
    Machine %: 75%

    Website, Forums & Downloads:

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