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    Divinity Teba

    Post  Decimus on Mon Jul 28, 2014 4:01 pm

    + Full Season 8 Original Items and Events without lame skins or patches
    + Coins System. (You can gain from:Grand Reset,Vote,Blood Castle,Devil Square,Illusion Temple,Chaos Castle,Selupan,Medusa,Gorgon Event,White Wizard etc.)
    + NO crashes,downtime and lag, all reported bugs in past fixed.
    + DDOS Protection.
    + MU Helper.
    + Guild/Player Reputation System.
    + Balanced PvP.
    + Party Boost system.
    + Special Events like Lottery,Archer,Delgardo,etc.
    + X Shop.
    + PowerUP Shop.
    + Party XP Boost UP! (40% for perfect party)
    + Full Master Skill
    +New map : Acheron
    +Arka War sistem
    +Experience: 1000x/1500x
    +Item Drop Per: 80%
    +Normal Item Skill drop: 10%
    +Normal Item Luck drop: 10%
    +Excelent Item drop: 1%
    +Excelent Items drop with skill: 0.5%
    +Excelent Items drop with luck: 0.4%
    +Fenrir Stuff drop: 10%
    +Monster HP: 90%
    +Points per level: 5/6/7/8
    +Max Stats: 32.000
    +Normal Maximum Level: 400
    +Master Maximum Level: 100
    +Points per Reset: Keep Stats
    +Level require for create Guild: 400
    +PK Clear: Game Command (/pkclear)
    +PK Clear cost: 10,000,000 Zen for one kill
    +Grand Reset Require: 60/70 Level Resets


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