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    VenusMU | x100 | 3.October



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    VenusMU | x100 | 3.October

    Post  newstile14 on Mon Sep 22, 2014 8:33 pm

    VenusMu Server GRAND OPENING:
    3.October 17:00 (GMT+2)

    We offer you to play in VenusMu server with very interesting gameplay and fully working events, where drop is balanced and all classes are balanced.
    Server is hosted in France, in one of the biggest data center in the World with DDOS protection, so we offer to you 24/7 stable online and playing without lags and disconnect, Join Us NOW !


    Season 6 Episode 3
    Exp: 50x
    Drop: 50%
    Max Stats: 32767
    Points Per Level: 5/6/7
    Official MuHelper: 50k zen for 5 min.
    Requirement create level for class: MG-220, DL-250, SUM-300, RF-350
    Marry System and Commands Work
    Market System Work
    Master Skill Tree Work
    Max Skill Tree Level: 150
    Guild Create Level: 300
    Max Party Level Difference: 150
    Party EXP Bonus (Silver and Gold)
    Holiday EXP Bonus +10x
    /tracemarry - teleports you to your husband/wife
    /pkclear - clear all pk status (cost 100kk zen) NEED DISABLE
    /add - add stats (/addene, /addstr, /addagi, /addvit, /addcmd - cost 500k)
    /post - global chat, requirement level: 80 (cost 100k zen)
    Earn free credits by inviting players to VenusMu
    To get free credits, you must use your referral link (referral link: HERE)
    Your friend must register under your referral link
    For every friend 1 reset you receive 10 credits and your friend 5 credits
    Reset Level: 400
    Reset Price: 10kk * resets
    Stats After Reset: Clear (SM,BK,ELF,SUM - 1200 Free Points and MG,DL,RF - 1400 Free Points * Resets)
    Reset Reward: 10 free credits
    Grand Reset From: 50 res
    Stats After Grand Reset: Clear (10'000 Free Points * GR)
    Grand Reset Rewar: 10000 free credits
    Blood Castle
    Devil Square
    Chaos Castle
    Golden Dragon Invasion
    Cry Wolf
    Blue Event
    Summer Event
    Boss Attack
    Halloween Event
    Happy Hour Event
    Hit and Up Event
    Illusion Temple
    Lucky Penny
    Raklion Event
    Sky Event
    Summer Event
    Ring Attack Event
    Castle Deep Event
    Kanturu Event
    And More...


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    VenusMu Server GRAND OPENING:
    3.October 17:00 (GMT+2)

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