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    [AD] EvilMu 97d99i Exp: 150 Drop: 75% Grand OPENING 06.03.2015



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    [AD] EvilMu 97d99i Exp: 150 Drop: 75% Grand OPENING 06.03.2015

    Post  evilmuowner on Mon Mar 02, 2015 12:06 am

    Offical OPENING : 06.03.2015 / 19:00

    Basic Server Information ;

    Every New Characters starts with 250 Points and 2 Mil. Zen !
    Version: 97d+99i PVP Server !
    Experience: 150x (weekends 180x)
    Drop rate: 75%

    Max level: 350
    Max reset: 20 + 2rr Every Weekends
    Reset level: 330~350(+20 Credits Bonus)
    Keep stats: No!
    Clear Invetory: Yes!
    Reset points: BK - 330 ELF - 360 SM - 390 MG - 420
    Reset Zen: 20 mil x ResetNumber
    Stat Points Per level: BK/SM/ELF - 5 MG - 8
    ClearPK Zen: 10M x Pk Time
    Guild create level: 100
    Max Items : +11+16
    Bless Bug: OFF
    Spawns: Spawns in All Maps
    Balanced PVP
    Many Events

    Quest System : 60 Quests for Now !
    Auction Market : On ! Bet With Credits
    WebShop: No WebShop ! No Donate Items ! Only Market (Buy/Sell items for Credits,Zen,Jewels)
    Online Time xChange : 3 Credits Per Hour! (website)
    Stone XChange  : 1 Stone = 1 Credits (website  )
    Vote Reward System : 3 Credits Per Vote
    Custom Event Place teleport command /move event
    Custom Market Place in Lorencia. Special Teleport Command is /move shop
    Commands : /post, /addstr, /addagi, /addvit, /addene, /marry, /acceptmarry, /tracemarry, /marrystatus, /divorce, /getmarry, /time, /exit, /buy, /sell, /online, /questinfo, /evo
    Custom Shurtcut Move Commands : /move lor, /move nor, /move dav(dav2,dav3,dav4), /move lt(lt2,lt3,lt4,lt5,lt6,lt7), /move atl, /move tar, /move ica, /move st

    More Information

    Hall of Fame Every Weekends
    Sky Event Every 2 Hours / Fee 2 Creations
    Sky Event Reward 10 Credits+DP / Divine / Storm / Magus
    1LvL Wins Drop Event Drops in Icarus Only from Giant Drakans
    Boss Molt Event Tarkan 172 92 / Respawns Every 1 Hours after hunted
    Boss Molt Reward Gimli/Giant Bow,Kundum Staf,King Mace
    Boss Molt Reward FF/Embro/Nature/Darkside/Hurricane
    Weekly Ranking Rewards Rewars for BC/DS/Sky/Online Time Winners
    Golden Invasions Every 1 Hour (+1x15/+2x10/+3x9/+4x8/+5x7
    Box of Kundun Drops Up to BD/GS/Guardian/Thunder
    Blood Castle Every 1 Hour
    Blood Castle Q Reward Box+5 (Only in BC6)
    Blooed Castle Zen Reward 1st 30mil/2nd 25Mil/3rd 20Mil(Only BC6)
    Devil Square Every 2 Hours
    Devil Square Boss Ds1-Goblin/Ds2-Taikan/Ds3-Dragon/Ds4-Titan
    Devil Square Reward Zen 1st.30mil/2nd 25Mil/3rd 20Mil
    Game Master Events Hide&Seek,Race,Trivia,Last Man Standing,Drop

    More Information
    Event NPC's only in Davias Blood Castle,Sky Event, Devil Square.
    Box of Kundun Drops
    Quest NPC's in Lorencia. 60 Quest for Now !
    Buffer NPC's ON
    Website Modules Get Zen, Change Name, Change Class, Reset Stats
    /post commands requires 200lvl 2 Mil zen (to evoit spam)
    Web Bank Module! Store your zen up to 10bil.
    Teleport Module in Website can be use even you are PK or Low levels
    Adventage Anticheat
    Dedicated Server ! No Lag !


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