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    1. General Issues

    By making publication you agree to the rules below,
    The person who made a publication is obligated to report posts which are breaking the rules,
    Only the topic author can bump his topic once a day,

    2. Rules Of Creating A Publication

    Publications of servers, which are not activated within 48 hours (the server status checks that), will be removed,
    Publications with custom (not standard) protocols prevent functioning the server status feature and therefore can be removed by a moderator when he finds that the server is offline or cannot in any simple way check the status,
    If the server address is banned by the censors, it means that the server cannot be published here,
    When your publication has many unnecessary posts you can ask for "cleaning" your publication (that means, to remove all posts except the first one) by sending a report or a private message to a moderator ( GMu ),
    For now, the topic and its description should be formatted in the following way:

    Title: | Server Name | Ver: 1.6| Mod: War3 |

    The author has to fill all information expected by our publication model (you may add some more if you wish),

    Server can be published only when its ready to accept players! Before you can add publication announcement here,
    The publication title is not allowed to include expressions like "join and see". Any information of that sort has to be put within the publication,
    Publications existing a year (or longer) may be highlighted (but not necessarily) by setting color to the topic title (darkblue), if the server is worth it judging from opinions of players.

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