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    Mu Israel Season 6 Ep3


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    Mu Israel Season 6 Ep3 Empty Mu Israel Season 6 Ep3

    Post  muisrael on Wed Dec 13, 2017 2:39 pm

    For those who remember old 97d Mu Israel server and for those who are not so old
    we've opened a new server based old school Mu Israel but with new features.
    New server contains Season 6 Episode 3 elements.
    Fully balanced PvP, expirience, spots and game economic.
    You don't have to donate in order to be the strongest player on our server.
    Unique rewards that you can get from events, quest, voting, killing monsters and bosses.
    You can recieve bonus by just playing on our server and be online.
    The server is fresh and is awaiting for our comunity. Let's build it together.
    Join to us now and be the first of our top list!

    Mu Israel Season 6 Ep3 Screen10

    Server stats

    Mu Israel Season 6 Ep3
    Exp and drop rates work on formula "resets * exp/drop" wich is Dynamic
    You begin with x100 / 35% rates and getting less every reset you made.
    The maximum stats is set to 32k. You cant get more unless we release this restriction.
    The maximum resets set to 60. Additional points you can recieve as reward from making quests.
    You can exchange Free Points to WcoinC.
    In game Features:
    Excellent Ancient sets
    Excellent Socket items
    Wings 3 lvl / x803
    Events available:
    Blood Castle - custom rewards for each level
    Devil Square - custom reward * party bonus
    Chaos Castle
    Imperial Fort
    Double Gear
    White Wizard invasion
    Golden Invasion
    Kanturu Maya Battle
    Raklion Selupan Boss
    Castle Siege
    Crywolf Protect
    Custom events:
    Moss Merchant
    Teleport Shop
    Golden Archer
    Happy Hour
    Custom Quests


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