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    [CyberMu] Season6Ep3Ultimate


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    [CyberMu] Season6Ep3Ultimate Empty [CyberMu] Season6Ep3Ultimate

    Post  sha000dow on Fri Apr 13, 2018 3:49 pm

    Website :
    Facebook Page :
    Facebook Group:

    Server: CyberMU | Zodiac★Games™️
    Server is From: Philippines

    Version: Season6Ep3Ultimate
    Powered by: Zodiac★Games™️
    Hosted by: Zare | HydraCom
    Experience: x5000
    ML Experience: x4000
    Master Level: 400
    Drop: 45%
    Max Excellent : 7 (7 Lord Mix)
    Max Socket: 5 (Tri-Sphere)
    Chaos Machine: Webzen Deffault
    Quest System: EASY
    Monster HP: 100%
    Reset System: Enabled
    Off-Trade System: Active
    Castle Siege: 8:00-10:00PM (Sat)


    Blood Castle
    Devil Square
    Chaos Castle
    Golden Invasion
    Castle Deep
    Crywolf Siege
    Chaos Castle

    Unique Features:
    Yes Bot Buffer
    Yes Event Handle Handle
    Yes Event Esconde Esc.
    Yes Speed Event
    Yes HP Bonus System
    Yes Die Message System
    Yes Online User Message
    Yes Online GM Message
    Yes Event Custom Quiz
    Yes Ticket Option to change name
    Yes Custom WingMix (Chaos goblin)
    Yes Custom Death Message
    Drop Item on PK etc

    and more COME AND JOIN

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