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    Server Name: Future-Mu Version: 97d+All Seasons
    Experience: 9999x Drop: 100%
    Server is from: Lithuania Monster HP: 80%
    Points per level: 5/7 Maximum Points: 32.767
    Reset: From the website Maximum level: 400
    Level for reset: 350 Points per Reset: Keep Stats
    Server Rates
    Jewel Of Soul success rate with luck & without luck: 80% / 90%
    Jewel Of Bless success rate with luck & without luck: 80% / 90%
    JOL success rate: 80% JOC successs rate: 70%
    Item +10 success: 70% Item +11 success: 60%
    Server Events
    Blood Castle Event: every 1 hour(s) Devil Square Event: every 1 hour(s) Party Bonus Event: every 1 hour(s) Happy Hour Event: every 1 hour(s)
    Golden Dragon Invasion: every 1 hour(s) Red Dragon Event: every 1 hour(s) Sky Event: every 1 hour(s)
    GAMEMASTER's Events
    Drop Event Race Event Find Event PVP Massive Striptease Event
    PVP Event Question Event Tournament Event Catch EVENT Trade EVENT
    Server Commands
    /pkclear /post (text) /online /time /buy /sell /reset /clearinventory
    /addstr 100 /addagi 100 /addvit 100 /addene 100 /exit /evo /marry /grandreset
    Move System
    /move stadium /move lorencia /move baras /move race /move noria /move davias
    /move davias2 /move davias3 /move davias4 /move tarkan /move tarkan2 /move icarus
    /move icarus2 /move atlans /move atlans2 /move dungeon /move bank /move dungeon2 /move dungeon3
    /move losttower /move losttower2 /move losttower3 /move losttower4 /move losttower5 /move losttower6

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