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    [AD] GGWP MuOnline eX702+ New vision of gameplay x5000/x250/x15 Unique Reset System!



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    [AD] GGWP MuOnline eX702+ New vision of gameplay x5000/x250/x15 Unique Reset System!

    Post  ggwpmuo on Mon Mar 31, 2014 8:54 am

       GGWP is company for gamers!

       We are offering to play on 3 servers:

       Grandum - x5000 Grand Opening 28.03.2014 20:00 GMT+2
       Lindas - x250 Grand Opening 04.04.2014 20:00 GMT+2
       Ezzo - x15-25 Grand Opening 11.04.2014 20:00 GMT+2

       Our device shop: ggwp[dot]pro
       Our muonline website: mu[dot]ggwp[dot]pro

       We are developing servers every day, there is no rest for us. WHY ? We want to deliver best gameplay we can.

       In our plans we have 1001 idea how to deliver intereseting gameplay, starting with our new reset system - each reset for you will be like quest!

       For example:

       Changelog for latest update:
       •Server is Updated to new version
       •Implemented Arca Battle
       •Update Event(Medusa, Last man standing, Imperial Guard, Double Goer etc...)
       •All spots are respawned (up to 15 spots per location)
       •New items in shops
       •Drop is set for certain skills (crystal ofdestruction, crystal of flame strike etc..)
       •Working Moss
       •Reworked Cherry Blossoms – Special mobs only in AIDA drops Golden Cherry Blossoms, need to get 255 blossoms to combinate random prize.
       •Feather for 2nd wings combination – Drops in icarus from Boss – Great Black Dragon, if you kill him he will give you 3 feathers. Boss spawns randomly in icarus:
       •Working X-Shop(in-game). 3 currencies in game: Wcoins, Wcoins(P), Goblin Points
       •Working offtrade system: Selling currency Wcoins(P); Can use only in Lorencia;
       •PVP items can be used from 1st level (You must update game client);
       •Implemented new Reset system - each reset now will be like quest for you.
       •Added all 3 game currencies on web.
       •Added Grand Reset System.
       •Changed drop: Zen, Items, Boss.
       •Implemented: Excellent Ancient:

       You are welcome!

       GGWP Team.

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